Flash: ON   December 21, 2014 
Organization and Auxillary Heads
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Name:Led By:
Class Leaders Bro. Richard Williams
College Age Ministry
Conference Claims TBD
Culinary Committee Sis. Angela Johnson-Coordinator
Daughters of Dorcas Ministry Sis. Angela Green, Director
Discipleship For 20s & 30s Rev. Kenneth Love
Esther Dungeon Missionary Society Sis. Barbara Floyd, President
Lay Organization Bro. Charles Moore, President
Mentors Ministry Bro. William Green, Director
Nehemiah Nation Bro. Dennis Pratt, Sr.-Coordinator
Payton M. Sims Choir Sis. Kathy Green, President
Senior Usher Board Sis. Juanita Foster, President
St. Paul Male Chorus Bro. Homer Green, President
St. Paul Praise Team Sis. Cynthia Walker, President
St. Paul Website Committee Sis. Raclaire Wells, Webmaster
St. Paul Young Peoples Choir Rev. Kenneth Love
St. Paul Young Peoples Ushers Senior Usher Board
Stewardess Board #1 Sis. Tharyl Brown, President
Young Peoples Department Sis. Tharyl Brown, Director
Youth Liturgical Dance Group Sis. Valerie Birdsong, Advisor
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